Teacher Training 2021

200 h Liquid Flow Yoga

with Simon Park, Janka Oeljeschlager & Marie Claussen

Hosted by Roots Yoga Hamburg

Liquid Flow Yoga holds the structure and discipline of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, infused with the immense creativity and dance-like flow of modern Vinyasa. It is a fresh and inspired blend of classical and modern styles.

Practice dynamic asana as a movement mediation in an open system that guides the student to experience the practice as an unscripted adventure. Asanas are practiced with a keen eye to detailed physical, energetic alignment and awareness of complimentary and opposing actions. There is an artful focus on creative transitions that add elegance and uniqueness to the flow of the practice. Finally, an observation upon the subtleties of the breath upon body and mind. In this 200h yoga teacher training we utilize principles of Vinyasa Krama to create an evolutionary practice that aims to challenge, invigorate and harmonize body, mind and soul.

Learn the process of allowing the ultimate guidance to be from within. Experience the practice becoming exquisitely complete.

Innovation by weaving traditional yoga and modern science connecting the modern science of body and mind with the ancient wisdom of yoga. We honor the diversity of current lifestyles to bridge the gap between yoga, exercise science, functional training and psychology; the goal is optimal wellness for body, mind and spirit.

We integrate cutting edge information from sports science, functional training and psychology to complement the intricate teachings of the yoga tradition, to build a clear and grounded understanding of body and mind. Knowledge to share with students, for your personal practice and life: a fresh experience of yoga, fitness and wellness.

The complete practice:
asana, pranayama, meditation & philosophy

Practical, theoretical and philosophical aspects of becoming a yoga teacher. Explore essential principles that will greatly inform your practice and teaching.

Practice teaching with direct feedback from peers and guides (Simon, Janka, Marie and assists).
Understand that each teacher has their own unique voice and each student, their own individual path of practice.

Learn the proper placement of asanas in sequential and progressive order. Create intelligent, safe and creative flows that will take your students to the next level.

We will review, break down and discuss sequences taught by Simon, Janka and Marie during the training. Included will be discussion and construction of sequences based on the principles of vinyasa krama. Also, how to theme powerfully, sequencing toward peak poses, and designing your own asana flows.

Develop your ability and confidence to design and deliver creative and satisfying sequences for all levels, different types of classes and workshops.

Learn the approach towards transformational hands-on assists with physical and energetic alignment in this teacher training. Assisting is a very important element of teaching; a great compliment to good verbal cues. It requires excellent vision, precision, sensitivity, multiple points of awareness and an ego-free approach.

A skillful touch has the power to transport your students to a whole new level of awareness. What could take years for a student to understand a particular action or movement, could be done with one precise, effective, supportive assist from a well-trained teacher.

Simon has trained and assisted one of the best in the business when he spent years assisting for Shiva Rea. Janka and Marie have been learning the most precise assisting methods throughout their Jivamukti education – it is one of the moste important key course elements in the Jivamukti method.

Develop a more integrated understanding of anatomy in a yogic context to support you in deepening your personal practice and teaching skills.

We will explore bio-mechanical connections in body-reading, asana alignment and hands-on assisting in a playful, fun and comprehensive way. Learn simple, body-based somatic practices that will enrich your spectrum of movement while helping your body develop safely towards a more advanced asana practice.

Discover how all limbs of the practice come together while taking a closer look at ground and space orientation, spinal movement, major joints and their dynamics in the body and how all this blends into the three dimensional web of fascia that reflects who we are and how we move in this world.

Deepen all aspects of your practice: asana, pranayama and meditation.

  • intensive and healing asana practice
  • physical and energetic alignment: dynamic actions within asana and the flow between postures, embodying movement meditation
  • vinyasa krama sequencing and creative vinyasa sequencing
  • transformational and creative assists
  • pranayama and meditation
  • history and philosophy
  • practical teaching skills

Refine your practice, physical and energetic anatomy, yoga therapeutics

  • deepen and healing asana practice
  • practical teaching skills, creating your own sequences and practice teaching
  • vinyasa krama sequencing and creative vinyasa sequencing
  • transformational and creative assists
  • applied physical, fascial and energetic anatomy with Susan Michel
  • avoiding injuries and working on students with injuries and special needs
  • pranayama and meditation
  • history and philosophy

Create a practice for yourself and others, practice teaching, traditional thai massage, yoga therapeutics, bringing all aspects of yoga into life

  • progression toward intermediate and advanced asana
  • creating your own vinyasa sequences for classes and home practice
  • creating therapeutic yoga sessions for privates and classes
  • transformational and creative assists
  • history and philosophy
  • restorative yoga
  • energetic healing touch modalities
  • teaching pranayama and meditation
  • practice teaching your own sequences and receive feedback from peers and guides

Meet your Guides

SimonLiquid Flow
Dubbed the „Flying Nomad,“ he draws inspiration from road legends such as Jimi Hendrix who aptly stated, „the Earth is my home.”
JankaAdvanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher
Janka is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher based in Hamburg.

Yoga helps Janka to find balance at times where she has none. It helps her to breath and flow through life and be present to experience life within all aspects and its diverse facets.

She started her yoga path many years ago and completed her Jivamukti teacher training in 2017 in India. Deeply inspired about the yoga philosophy and willing to learn more and dive deeper she completed her Jivamukti apprenticeship with her teacher Moritz Ulrich in Berlin. Janka loves a dynamic and strong asana practice combined with an intelligent sequencing.

Yoga teaches us how to deal with challenges. Yoga helps us to stay consciously in the present moment and to create a deeper and honest connection towards the present moment. It is a tool for Self-inquiry. Janka fascinates the most by the state of yoga that yoga helps to improve one’s relationship to all beings, the aspect of compassion and the dissolution of the sense of separateness.

Janka is deeply grateful for her teachers and feels blessed to be able to teach and equally sees it as an opportunity to serve, share and learn.

MarieAdvanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher
Marie is an advanced Jivamukti yoga teacher who loves to chant.

Together with Janka she opened the Roots Yoga Studio in 2019 in order to give yogis a place where they can experience the beautiful philosophy of yoga together. Marie completed the Jivamukti teacher training 2017 in Costa Rica. Accompanied by her mentor Anja Kühnel she finished her apprenticeship in the years after.

Yoga teaches Marie to be grateful for what is and not to always want more of what could be. Yoga also teaches her to be strong but also soft, courageous and kind, not just in her physical body but in her mind, heart and attitude towards herself and through compassion to all other beings.

About the Training


This 200h yoga teacher training is a very special offering of a beautiful meeting of yogis our exploration into the art, practice and teaching of yoga. Influenced by the teachings of many incredible teachers such as Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Dharma Mitra, Joan White, Sharon Gannon and David Life. This teacher training offers an excellent balance of modern vinyasa with classical roots, rooted in the timeless, universal wisdom of yoga.

The result of immersive study with master teachers from diverse backgrounds is a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice, study, and application of yoga. The primary focus is to remain an inspired student, allowing your teachings to evolve as an authentic expression of your practice. The Roots Yoga Teacher’s Training Team is dedicated to soaking up the great wisdom of our living teachers as well the history and lineage of our teacher’s teachers passing it on to the next generation by bringing yogic knowledge vibrantly to life.

This yoga teacher training will also have a strong emphasis on understanding yoga as a healing practice. We will explore relationships within the body in asana practice, as well as healthy patterns of movement and being. We will dive into the exploration of physical and energetic alignment, sequencing, hands on assisting, physical and facial anatomy, history, philosophy, mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and restorative yoga. We, Simon, Janka and Marie, will be joined by a community of incredibly gifted and experienced teachers and assistants in their particular fields such as Susan Michel, our anatomy teacher who is a gifted Rolfer and yoga therapist as well as Bessima, Nele and Tomma as amazing assists. We are a passionate collective, working towards the common goal of sharing our love of living yoga. This training will give you the essential tools for teaching yoga to others, and it will also appeal to teachers and practitioners from all traditions interested in deepening their practice. Be prepared for an extraordinary experience of yoga union.

Peace, Love and Namaste

Simon, Janka and Marie

Time & place

YES! Location, Stockmeyerst. 41, 20457 Hamburg

Tom Reichstein Contemporary, Stockmeyerstr. 41, 20457 Hamburg

Tom Reichstein Contemporary, Stockmeyerstr. 43, 20457 Hamburg


Minimum 1 year of regular yoga practice
Until training focus on yoga practice (1-2 times per week)
Please tell us about injuries and pain
This yoga teacher training is made to dive deeper into your own yoga practice, to start learning about how to teach yoga to others and in groups or for yoga teachers who want to learn more in vinyasa yoga.

Hotels & Hostels


Spaldingstraße 152
20097 Hamburg

+49 40 3808780

Motel One Hamburg am Michel

Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 26
20459 Hamburg

+49 40 3571890-0

Pierdrei Hotel Hafencity Hamburg

Am Sandtorkai 46
20457 Hamburg

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+ 49 40 558 2293 740

25Hours Hotel Hafencity

Überseeallee 5
20457 Hamburg

+49 40 25 77 77 0
+49 40 25 77 77 255

Sir Nikolai Hotel

Katharinenstraße 29
20457 Hamburg

+49 40 29 99 66 66


Modul 1: Thursday, 13. May Sunday, 16. May
Modul 2: Thursday, 10. June Sunday, 13. June
Modul 3: Sunday, 11. July Friday, 16. July
Modul 4: Thursday, 09. September Sunday, 12. September
Modul 5: Thursday, 28. October Sunday, 31. October

Sample Schedule

08:00 – 11:00 Full Practice
11:00 – 13:00 Breakfast Break
13:30 – 13:30 Teacher Training Topics: Sequencing, Asana Clinic, Assists
13:30 – 15:30 Lunch Break
15:30 – 17:30 Teacher Training Topics: Anatomy, Philosophy, Practice Teaching
17:30 – 18:00 Snack/Tea Break
18:00 – 20:00 Restorative Practice, Zenthai shiatsu, Pranayama, Meditation
​on selected nights
20:00 – 20:30 Dinner Break
20:30 – 21:30 Kirtan


To pay the necessary deposit of 500.- EUR please fill out the request form below and we will send you all further details right away.

Early Bird

  • Registration and full payment before 01.03.2021
  • Feature 2

Regular Bird

  • Bookable while capacity lasts
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Please transfer your deposit of 500 € after you have received our deposit invoice to save your spot to:

Roots Yoga GbR
IBAN: DE89 2007 0024 0085 4778 00

The rest of the money has to be payed until start of TT (May 13th 2021). If you want to get the early bird discount the full amount of money has to be payed until 1st of March 2021.

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*5% OF ALL PROFITS GO TO ANIMAL EQUALITY (www.animalequality.de)

  • Training
  • Printed manual
  • 10 yoga classes at Roots Yoga Studio (during the time of the training, excluded 18.30 – 20h slots), possible hands-on assists in basic classes at Roots Yoga Studio
  • Tea and snacks during the day
  • Kirtan
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation​
  • Real meals​

You will get the invoice total back if the Teacher Training cannot take place because of COVID-19 sanctions.

NOTE: Please do check your spam folder. Our emails tend to end up there.
*5% of all profits go to Animal Equality (www.animalequality.de)

English and German

All classes with Simon Park will be in English. The classes with Janka Oeljeschlager, Marie Claussen and Susan Michel will be in German or English depending on the language of the participants.

German or English depending on the individual preference of the participant.​

Deposit: non refundable

Cancellation until 3 month before start of the training: 50 % of price
Cancellation until 2 month before start of the training: 25 % of price
Cancellation until 1 month before start of the training: 10 % of price
Cancellation until 1 month before start of the training: no refund