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First, what does it mean to “take refuge”? Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg refers to taking refuge as “bright faith” instead of blind faith. It’s about seeing our potential, no longer waiting for the ideal moment to wake up but instead viewing life as it is, with whatever is happening, as the perfect starting point. It also reminds us of the strength and support we can draw from those who have walked the path before us as well as those presently around us. In essence, taking refuge encourages us to practice with inner confidence and expansiveness, to walk the path of possibilities regardless of what arises.

The asana element will focus on a balancing sequence. So that students can walk the path of possibilities. The challenge is to practise with awareness and seamlessness, to give equal consideration to the transitions as much as the destination, while gently observing the nature of the mind without criticism or apathy…to walk the razor’s edge of non dualism.

The class takes place on Friday, April 30th from 5pm – 7pm.

Single class price: 15,00€

Also bookable with USC and 10er-ticket


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