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Veranstaltungsserie Veranstaltungsserie: Strong Vinyasa Special mit Cat Douglas

“ advice from master shantideva“

“the causes of happiness comes rarely and many are the seeds of suffering but if i had no pain, I would never long for freedom; therefore, oh my mind be steadfast.

” chapter 3, verse 12 – bodhicharyavatara, master shantideva

A long while ago, when I first heard this verse on a course, I immediately knew it must be committed to memory. It has served me well, both in times of minor inconveniences but also during waves of tremendous challenges. There is a tibetan buddhist teaching that encourages serious practitioners to take obstacles onto the spiritual path…this is nothing less than profound.

The two sessions at roots yoga will explore this verse and integrate it with a well-rounded asana practice that will be challenging in a manner than will enable students to experience it within context. Be prepared to “work hard”, possibly “sweat” but all in a manner that may not necessarily be visibly verifiable.

Very much looking forward to returning to hamburg again! See you then.


17. Mai
18:30 - 20:30
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